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Gift Certificate Policy

1. The gift certificate is deemed as a bearer certificate (not registered in the name of a person), and any individual presenting the certificate shall have the right to use it to purchase goods offered by the Flirt & Tan store chain.

2. In the event of the certificate loss, including theft, the certificate cannot be reissued, and funds cannot be returned due to the non-availability of the personification of the certificate owner before the loss.

3. When paying for an order by means of the certificate, please make sure to specify this at the stage of registration and inform the manager when confirming your order. The certificate shall be presented and handed over to the employee of the company when paying for the goods.

4. The validity period of the certificate is limited within 6 months from the date of issue.

5. Only one purchase is possible when using the certificate. At purchase, the nominal value of the certificate is written off completely. In the event when the purchase price is less than the certificate nominal value, the difference between the price and certificate value is not refundable.

6. If the purchase price is higher than the certificate nominal value, the difference between the goods price and the certificate value is paid in cash.

7. A Gift Certificate is available for purchase at any Flirt & Tan store.

8. A gift certificate cannot be used for cash withdrawal.

9. The buyer should keep the receipt for the certificate to confirm the card’s nominal value in the event of damage or any other controversial situation.

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