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Flirt and Tan - a very ambitious Ukrainian swimwear brand

The brand was created in 2015. At first, without even suspecting that a whole business would come out of it. It all started with the girl Nastya, who could not live without traveling and the sea and was a little tired of looking for her perfect swimsuit and decided to create it herself. p>That's how the well-known Flirt and Tan that you love so much appeared.

Over 7 countries
Conquered the Ukrainian brand of swimwear Flirt and Tan
Own production
Starting from applying a print on a swimsuit and ending with packaging
for a loved one, for teenagers, children and even very toddlers
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Our main goal is for every girl to be able to find her perfect swimsuit, regardless of age, figure or her feminine whims.

By choosing Flirt and Tan you get a reliable partner in the world of swimwear. With us you can experiment! Keep up with the times or love the classics, be a little funny or very elegant.

Almost every print has a choice of tunics, skirts and pareos! Thus, allowing you to assemble a complete look for your perfect holiday.

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